Over the last 13 years Watree Homes, led by co-owners Thomas and Brent, has built more than 350 homes in Northwest Florida. With attention to detail and the preferences of each individual customer at the forefront of every undertaking, a Watree Home is sure to be not only unique, but the finest of quality.

Thomas, Brent, and the Watree Homes team have a lot to offer any prospective customer looking to build their own home. They combine a passion for building homes with friendly, dependable character that sets the foundation for a quality experience throughout the process from design to completion.

Customization for a Watree home goes beyond color and wood selection. Starting at the most basic level Thomas and Brent want to understand and implement the customer’s expressed interest at the design phase.

Along with specific customization comes another unique element of Watree Homes: Thomas and Brent are in contact with the customer from contract to closing. It is a distinct working relationship that facilitates making any necessary or desired changes. This one-on-one rapport is an assurance to the customer that both Thomas and Brent find important. Averaging just over 30 homes a year allows the entire Watree team to operate in a timely manner and still maintain the standard of service and excellence they are known for.

While Thomas and Brent oversee everything, they believe that “if you choose Watree you are choosing a team” and the co-owners have surrounded themselves with a fantastic team of people.

Nathan Harris is the operations manager and Chimera Harris is the office manager and bookkeeper. This husband and wife team is truly the gears that keep Watree running. David Vaccari is the lead superintendent and truly a “jack of all trades,” and Carie Schaeffer is the assistant superintendent, together insuring all jobs are well supervised and running smoothly. Kim Wright helps keep everyone straight and on schedule while also meticulously staying on top of any issues that may arise for Watree’s home owners after the sale.

Beyond that are the subcontractors that provide superior support in whatever area is required. Watree Homes has been partnering with the same local companies for years. This longevity shows local commitment and is a testimony to the experience of the team itself.

Thomas and Brent, through Watree Homes, are craftsmen: of homes, relationships, and of ideas. This is proven by their desire to make the experience as exceptional as the finished product. The difference between a house and home is in the personalization of the structure.

A Watree home provides the opportunity to do that from beginning to end. Thomas and Brent want people to come to Watree and build a home that is right for them. A Watree home will not just fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your future; it will exceed your expectations.

Brent Acree
License # RG291103776

Thomas Watkins
License # CBC1259085