Frequently Asked Questions

Is now a good time to buy a house? Should I wait to see if prices go any lower?
The perfect answer to this question is one that many have speculated on but no one can answer with certainty. What is known is that right now interest rates are low, home prices are at the lowest in half a decade, and there are plenty of financing options available. Now could be your best time to look at purchasing a home. No one can predict when prices will truly “bottom out,” it might be happening right now, so don’t be caught waiting when prices do start to rise again.

Do I need to own my own land before contacting Watree Homes?
We will be glad to build on your lot, if you have one, but it’s not necessary. Watree Homes maintains an inventory of available lots that are ready to build on. We can also team you up with our Real Estate professional to track down your perfect home site.

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for; should I wait to contact a builder?
It’s never too soon to learn as much as you can about buying or building a home. The more you know the more comfortable you can be making the final decision. Our team has helped over a hundred and fifty families and individuals just like you find the right home for them at the price they are comfortable with.

Should I Pre-Qualify before contacting Watree Homes?
Pre-Qualifying is an important early step in purchasing any home. This will help you to understand just how much home fits comfortably in your budget. We work closely with well qualified local lenders that make the process swift and simple.

Do I need to provide my own house plans?
We welcome your plans if you already have them, but you certainly don’t have to provide them. Watree Homes has many plans to choose from and we offer the flexibility to alter those plans to best fit your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for we would be happy to co-design a plan specifically for you. In fact, we really enjoy working on custom plans for our future home owners; it allows us to gain understanding of what our customers really want and need.

Can I choose the features that go in to my custom built home?
Absolutely! Watree Homes believes you deserve the home of your dreams. Almost all aspects of your home can be customized to fit you needs and tastes. Some choices include: tile flooring, wood flooring, carpeting, cabinets, counter-tops, paint colors, brick and/or vinyl color, roof shingle color, appliances, etc. Many options are available at no extra cost. Want to upgrade beyond the myriad of features Watree Homes already includes? Feel free to inquire about any upgrade.

Is there a minimum size home that Watree Homes is willing to build?
We take pride in all of the work we do and no job is too small. Whether building the home of your dreams or building your first stepping stone towards your dream, Watree Homes puts the same attention to detail in all of our projects.

How does the price of your homes compare to other builders?
Watree Homes is committed to giving you the most for your money. We like to think of our approach as “Where Quality Meets Affordability.” While we feel we are very competitive with other builders in our area, and we are constantly evaluating ourselves to stay that way, we don’t feel that price is always the best amenity. We think a home should feel like a home, not just a big empty box. A custom touch is even added to our homes that are already built and ready to move in. Many people reassure themselves they can “always get around to changing that out later.” Our experience lets us know it’s easier to have the options installed from the get go than it is to remodel years later. Besides, why not take advantage of our pricing as a builder instead of paying retail later.